What's VIP membership about?

(Singing) Highway to the danger zone... singing highway to the daaaangerrr zzzzzone!

Just needed to get that out. It bears no relevance to this whatsoever, except that Top Gun is fast paced, thrilling and easy on the eye.

VIP membership gives you access to more Team Wrong features, more products and more choice.

For more details see the feature list below.

What do I get as a VIP?

1 extra pack

Extra packs enable you to add a broader range of products to your shop, you can choose from the extra packs listed on the extra packs page.

+3 products of any type

As a VIP member you get an extra 3 products to add to your service. Because you're a VIP you can choose these from any category.

Access to more extra packs

Now that you're a VIP you can now add extra products to your shop. You can do this by purchasing extra packs. Most of these focus on adding an extra category of products, though there are some that allow you to choose any product too.

Free 'Get Wrong' VIP t-shirt

To say thank you for being a VIP, you are important after all, we'll send you a Free 'Get Wrong' t-shirt in the post.

Discount codes for you to use

We'll give you a 10% off discount code. You can use this to get discounted products or give it to your friends and family. We can also create limited codes for promotional purposes.

1st year cost back @ 240 sales

Just to give you an extra incentive to sell your products, we will give you your cost of VIP membership back to that point back, making the VIP service essentially FREE for you. You don't get much better than that!

Automatic upgrade to AAA after 900 sales

Once you've made 900 sales we will automatically give you Access All Areas membership at no extra cost. For more information visit the Access All Areas membership page.

You also get all the benefits of the Guest List membership

As a VIP member you get everything that's in the Guest List pack as well, so be sure to check it out too.




  • 1 extra pack worth £14/mth
  • + 3 extra products of any type
  • Access to more extra packs
  • Free 'Get Wrong' VIP t-shirt
  • Discount codes for you to use
  • 1st year cost back when you hit 240 sales
  • Auto-upgrade to AAA after 900 sales

Guest list

This is also included with VIP membership

  • Your own Team Wrong Channel
  • Your own shop @
  • 1 logo + 3 products (T-shirts only)
  • Includes returns processing

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