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How do I choose my products?

This is completely up to you. However, there is some benefit to starting with products that are easier to design so that you can develop your understanding of how this works.

T-shirts are a great start because they can be both simple or complex, depending on how you choose to design them. Most products have a printable area that is the only area you can print on, however some feature 'all over print', which means your design has more flexibility to be all over the garment. This demonstrates how important it is to choose a product that fits with what you want to achieve.

We'll give you some examples here so you get the idea.

Designing a 'standard' t-shirt

All of the 'standard' t-shirts have printable areas. When you submit a design you may want to choose one or more of the following panels to print on:

1. Front - The largest space on the front of the t-shirt imagine a vertical rectangle from the top of the chest to the belly button

2. Back - Same size as the front panel but on the back, it's also slightly higher

3. Left Sleeve - a panel on your left sleeve about the size of if you put your hand on the top of your opposite side arm

4. Right Sleeve - as above but flipped - remember that right is the wearer's right side not right as you look at it!

5. Outside Label - This isn't a separate piece of material it's only a smaller printable between your shoulder blades at the top of your back - but only if you haven't used the back panel

6. Inside label - This replaces the label on thos t-shirts that have the option of tear-away manufacturer labels. These can be a great way to add brand value.

You get 1 panel included in the base price of the t-shirt. The cost of printing then goes up with every additional panel you choose.

For example, using all the extra panels can add over £10 to your base price so it's important to bear this in mind as it will affect your retail price and profit margin.

How much of this do I need to do?

It's up to you. You can either hand us your base graphics or you can download the templates and do them yourself.

More than you need to know

There are about 20 different styles of standard t-shirts, which change by size so it's also a dynamic template. What we suggest is that you do as much as you want to do and let us do the rest.

Designing an 'all over print' t-shirt

All over print t-shirts and other garments use a 'cookie cutter' approach. The shapes of the garments are cut out from a pattern and sewn together. They therefore have seams and therefore changes in the size and orientation of the pattern according to the size of the garment.

This gives you the ability to have an 'all over' pattern, though it's also a little more technical to produce as the different parts of the garment need to considered individually to ensure they match up.

As a result, we currently accept fabric template designs, but all over print product designs are completed 'in house' by Team Wrong. If you are an experienced designer we can work closely on developing these products, though for most it may be more practical for you to focus on creating an amazing all over fabric and we'll work on the rest.

How do we do this?

Once you've sent over your designs we will have a chat about which products are right for you and then we'll either use your existing designs to create the products or we will send you templates to use so you can do the designs yourself.

If you've got more questions, why not get in touch with us via the Team Wrong contact us page and we'll get straight back to you.

How do I upload my graphics and designed templates?

When you want to submit your logo or graphics or a product template that you've worked on please visit our Team Wrong upload your graphics page.

You can use this page as often as you like, just make sure you let us know what it is that you're sending us and what it's for - which you can do as part of the upload process.

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