Team Wrong design guidelines

Team Wrong design guidelines


These design guidelines cover what you need to know in order to provide graphics to Team Wrong.

This is typically a combination of a brand or collection logo, and the main graphic or texture that is going to be used on your product.

Heads up!

As each of the products differ in size and even with clothing differ in sizes offered, graphics won't always look the same on every product. There's an element of experience required to get the best result, which is why we work collaboratively with you.

Each product may have a different template size, so if you are creating a texture to be used it may be useful to start with the largest size canvas and then 'cut out' the smaller templates from that.

If you are working with the Team Wrong design team directly, make sure you work out what products you are working on first so we can ensure you've got a sense of the various dimensions and how they work before you start.

Providing your logo

In order for us to create your products, or your shopping channel if that's what we're doing, we will need a high resolution version of your logo.

Using a logo online is a lot easier than printing - printing requires a logo that is about 5 times the quality of what is needed online.

Because your logo might be used on dark coloured products or light coloured products we normally use high contrast versions of logos that are either solid black in colour or white. You can provide coloured logos which we will use where possible. We are happy to work with what you've got, but if you want to have complete control then you will need to provide a full black, full white and coloured logo if you have one.

These can be provided as vector graphics on a transparent background or as transparent png's so that they can be used on any surface colour. Please note that this doesn't not mean that the logo itself is transparent, just the area around or behind it. It is important for printing that all areas of the graphic have 100% opacity otherwise this can affect the print. If you have semi-transparency in your logo please get in touch to discuss.

So to summarise:

  • Vector graphic - High resolution png if you have a non-vector graphic. Minimum dimensions should be 1000 x 1000 pixels.
  • Transparent background - Image should be on a transparent layer but not be transparent itself
  • Multiple versions - ideally for different backgrounds

How do I provide the logo(s):

Please use the upload your graphics page to send us your logo, artwork, or templated designs. We don't accept graphics via email or whatsapp.

Working on product graphics

As the products vary in size and shape we tend to create a basic graphic or pattern that can be re-used and re-purposed onto different products.

Each of the products has a different template so for most clients we suggest that you provide your graphics as separate transparent layers to the largest size possible.

For example, Mens leggings require a file that is 17400 pixels wide x 14400 pixels high. From this rectangular shape the leggings are cut and then sewn into shape. This means that a large portion of the graphic will not be used on the final product.

Whereas a t-shirt template is 3600 pixels wide by 4800 pixels high. This is a direct print area on the front and back of the t-shirt so there's no need to worry about what is going to be 'cut out' as the whole space can be used.

So, please decide which products you are going for before you start designing so you can choose whether or not to make a graphic just for that product or one that we can adapt for use on many.

I've uploaded my graphics, what's next?

Once you've uploaded your logo and graphics it's Time for the Team Wrong team to do their thing.

If we haven't already agreed which products to work on, we will first go through the product range and choose some 'launch' products to go with. This will be a maximum of 10 products.

Each new shop or collection is worked on as a collaboration between you and the Team Wrong team. Once we've agreed the products and received your graphics we will ask you to sign a standard agreement to formalise our partnership and that will kick off the process of creating your products.

Once we have designs in place we will add them to your store or channel in order for you to review. From that point in we then work in collaboration to promote and sell the products we've created.

About Team Wrong

We are collective that are passionate about expressing ourselves through product & graphic design. We give people a way to easily create shops & products that match with their style and their vision. We connect designers and artists together and with specialist brands to create unique collaborations. Why? Because we believe in the power of self-expression and that even wrong people have right ideas.

Please get in touch via our contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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