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Compare pricing

Guest List


Unsurprisingly, our 'entry' level package - Guest list, gets you in the door for free.

What is surprising though, is how much you get for it.

  • Your own shop @
  • Your own Team Wrong Channel
  • 1 logo + 3 products (T-shirts only)
  • Includes returns processing
  • Auto-upgrade to VIP after 300 sales



The VIP package gives you more access, choice and goodies.

You get everything in the Guest List package plus:

  • 1 extra pack worth £14/mth
  • + 3 extra products of any type
  • Access to more extra packs
  • Free 'Get Wrong' VIP t-shirt
  • Discount codes for you to use
  • 1st year cost back when you hit 240 sales
  • Auto-upgrade to AAA after 900 sales

Access all Areas


With this membership you get access to all packs and Team Wrong Team resource.

You get everything in the VIP package plus some upgrades:

  • 3 extra packs worth £42/mth
  • We customise your shop to your style
  • Sales & Marketing support
  • Design collaboration support
  • Free 'Get Wrong' product of your choice
  • Flexibility on product margins
  • Discount codes for your customers
  • Bulk sales discount
  • 1st year cost back when you hit 480 sales
  • Qualify for sales bonuses after £1k/mth Revenue

About Team Wrong

We are collective that are passionate about expressing ourselves through product & graphic design. We give people a way to easily create shops & products that match with their style and their vision. We connect designers and artists together and with specialist brands to create unique collaborations. Why? Because we believe in the power of self-expression and that even wrong people have right ideas.

Please get in touch via our contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Team Wrong Services

  • - E-commerce shops
  • - Branded Merchandise
  • - Website development
  • - Digital Consultancy
  • - Partnerships & Marketing

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